SEM expenditure trends

SEM expenditure
State financial statements for 2019 – 2021; budget for 2022

The largest part of SEM's budget is used for support services for asylum seekers, temporarily admitted foreign nationals and refugees. In 2021, this amounted to 76% or approximately CHF 1.2 billion, which also includes costs for enforcing removal orders, return assistance, integration measures for foreign nationals, and international cooperation in the area of migration. Compared to the previous year, there were fewer asylum seekers, temporarily admitted persons and refugees under the responsibility of the federal government who are dependent on social assistance. This is why costs in this area have fallen.

A further 11% of total expenditure is accounted for by payroll (CHF 172 million in 2021). This expenditure item relates to staff salaries, including all social security contributions, as well as other personnel expenses for continuing education and training.

The remaining 13% was incurred for operations and capital expenditure. This includes, in particular, the operating expenses of the federal asylum centres, IT, consulting and other operating expenses, as well as capital expenditure (CHF 203 million in 2021).